Daniel D. Lawler, Project Manager


M.S.; Forest Resources; The Pennsylvania State University; 2014
B.S.; Environmental Resource Management; The Pennsylvania State University; 2012


Mr. Lawler has worked in the environmental consulting field for eight years. He has conducted and led a variety of field work throughout several northeast states. Mr. Lawler has also been the lead or co-author on Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Preliminary Assessments (PAs), Site Investigations (SIs), Remedial Investigations (RIs), and Remedial Actions (RAs) working with a variety of client types and sizes.


2017 to Present
Excel Environmental Resources, Inc., North Brunswick, New Jersey
Project Scientist

While working at Excel, Mr. Lawler has been responsible for proposal preparation, field SI and RI sampling, field RA oversight, report writing and client/subcontractor coordination. His primary role within the company has been to provide day to day project management for the on staff LSRPs by initiating, tracking, and moving projects forward through the remediation process. Work examples include:

  • Project Manager for a non-LSRP transactional due diligence investigation on behalf of the City of Hoboken. The environmental components included review of the over 40 years of investigation and remediation activities conducted at the property which culminated in a thermal remediation event in 2019-2020 completed by the consultant for the former property owner. Excel’s role included review of the generated data and work products, discussions and conference calls with the City, the former owner, the consultant for the former owner and the NJDEP, and assessments of the best remedial action approaches to achieve NJDEP compliance while providing the City with the best options to redevelop the property after acquisition.
  • Project Manager for a non-LSRP transactional due diligence investigation on behalf of a private client looking to purchase a property in Newark, New Jersey. The property did not have a history of significant environmental impacts but did require due diligence site investigation work to determine if select areas of concern may have caused any discharges at the property. Excel successfully completed the due diligence Preliminary Assessment and Site Investigation within the client’s aggressive due diligence timeframe which allowed the transaction to proceed as scheduled.
  • Project Manager for a client pulled into a Superfund Remediation on the Passaic River as a Potentially Responsible Party (PRP). The property has operated as a cardboard container manufacturer with limited environmental impacts, releases or discharges reported. Excel’s role included preparation and submission of Position and Response papers to the PRP consulting firm arguing that the client neither historically or presently had any significant contributions to the Passaic River impacts. The arguments were based on intensive research into the client’s onsite operations, potential chemicals which could have been used historically, and numerous lines of evidence suggesting that the original PRP cost allocation to the client was unfairly calculated and should have been reduced. Based on their review of the Excel submissions, the PRP consulting firm agreed with Excel’s conclusions and reduced the client’s cost allocation by over half saving them millions of dollars.
  • Project Manager support for the development of the Borough of Ringwood’s proposed new recycling center to be built on top of a capped Superfund Site. Excel’s role has been to ensure that the Borough’s interests are protected during the Superfund capping activities which are being conducted by another environmental consultant. Excel has been responsible for retention of the engineering firms who are designing the recycling center, participation in conference calls with the client, the responsible party, the responsible party’s environmental consultant, the NJDEP and the EPA as the Superfund remediation progresses. Excel has also been instrumental in identifying issues and shortfalls in the remediation conducted by others which would have otherwise caused significant delays on the project and large cost change orders.


  • 8-hour HAZWOPER Annual Refresher (2022)
  • Rutgers University Glacial Deposits of New Jersey (2018)
  • Rutgers University Groundwater in Fractured Bedrock (2018)
  • NJDEP Case Study Training for LSRPs (2016)
  • NJ Transit Rail Safety Training (2016)
  • 40-hour HAZWOPER Health and Safety Training (2015)
  • Rutgers University Wetland Delineation Certificate (2015)