Dowel Realty Property, Piscataway, New Jersey

Dowel Realty retained Excel after an extended legal issue related to gasoline product that appeared in a well located on the Dowel property that was installed as part of due diligence activities for a retail shopping mall development.  As a result of the product in the well, the mall development excluded the Dowel Realty property from the development project.

Dowel insisted that the product source was from an adjacent ExxonMobil station, however, both NJDEP and the ExxonMobil representatives did not agree and insisted that Dowel complete remediation to address the product in the well.

Excel completed a full evaluation of the file, including the ExxonMobil case in order to develop a conceptual model for the area as a tool to evaluate the source for the gasoline product in the well.  As part of this evaluation, Excel also conducted a Source Evaluation Report to support that no gasoline sources are present (historically or currently) on the Dowel property.

Excel’s conceptual model included research into published concepts and groundwater flow models within the Passaic Formation that were used to predict both groundwater flow pathways and contaminant migration pathways.  Based on the model developed for this site and site vicinity, Excel successfully presented the findings to ExxonMobil and NJDEP, which strongly supporting a source area located on the ExxonMobil property.

As a result of the presentation and subsequent reporting to NJDEP, ExxonMobil’s CEA was recinded and NJDEP directed ExxonMobil to complete a groundwater remedial investigation to fully delineate impacts to groundwater and mitigate the gasoline product in the Dowel well.  Dowell also received a No Further Action letter from NJDEP for the product that was identified in their well.