Keasbey BDA, Woodbridge, New Jersey

Woodbridge’s Keasbey Redevelopment Areas along the Raritan River was designated as a BDA in October 2009.  Based on our reputation and experience managing BDAs across the state, Woodbridge retained Excel to manage and coordinate their newly designated BDA.

The BDA includes five brownfield sites to be remediated and reused consistent with the Keasbey Area Redevelopment Plans.  The Woodbridge BDA was proposed to remain as an industrial/warehouse area but also pursue the opportunity to re-create itself as a “Green” Industrial park.  Excel has conducted several Steering Committee meeting since designation and has conducted PA work at several brownfield sites.  Excel is in the process of applying for additional grants for PA, SI, RI, and RA on behalf of the Town to facilitate remediation and redevelopment of these prime waterfront properties.

Pennval Road Redevelopment Area:

Excel was retained by the Township to prepare and submit HDSRF application for the properties within the Pennval Road Redevelopment Area in order to evaluate the environmental conditions prior to initiating a Township Request for Proposal seeking qualified redevelopers for this area.  The project presents an opportunity to comprehensively redevelop the portion of the Township located in the Woodbridge proper section of Woodbridge. The Redevelopment Area consists of thirteen (13) parcels and 107 acres, generally defined by Woodbridge Avenue and the Woodbridge River to the east; Pennval Road and the New Jersey Turnpike to the north; the New Jersey Transit North Jersey Coast line to the west; and the southern boundary line of Woodbridge Township in the south.

The Township of Woodbridge is in a position to embark on an innovative approach to redevelop properties in the Pennval Road Redevelopment Area in a way that can promote business development and create jobs for the residents of Woodbridge and the region.  The HDSRF grant allows for evaluation of each of the properties within the redevelopment area and quantification of issues that can be addressed as part of the redevelopment.

The overall goal of this Redevelopment Plan is to address the exiting conditions that have negatively impacted the area and to comprehensively re-plan the Area as an innovative Clean Energy/Construction Technology incubator and cluster.  Utilizing the HDSRF program, Excel has conducted PAs on the properties and has initiated SIs on several higher priority sites.