Cost Estimating

Excel’s professionals develop accurate and reliable cost estimates for both remedial action alternative evaluations and for use by our clients in decisionmaking. These include comparative engineering cost estimates and cost-benefit analyses.

Deploying specialized expertise gained over decades of implementing soil and groundwater remediation projects under the most challenging of site conditions, our investigation and remediation cost estimators have demonstrated expertise in developing precise, reliable engineering cost estimates that reflect industry standards and have been proven accurate by competitive public bidding.

We also assist our clients with negotiations utilizing alternative evaluations and cost estimates.

In addition, Excel has expertise in the preparation and successful utilization of remedial action cost estimates in support of environmental insurance applications for:

  • Remediation Cost Cap and Pollution Legal Liability policies
  • Negotiations regarding risk and insurance limits
  • Evaluations of property value during voluntary and involuntary property acquisitions
  • Municipal defense against tax appeals based on property owner claims of decreased property value because of environmental contamination