Preliminary Assessment & Due Diligence

Preliminary Assessment (PA) or Phase I is the first phase of the remediation process,which includes:

  • Transactional Due Diligence
  • NJDEP and United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) All Appropriate Inquiry Standards
  • ISRA Compliance
  • Green Acres Program Support
  • Environmental Audits and Impact Statements

Excel assists a wide variety of clients with Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) compliance as well as due diligent PA/Phase I environmental assessments in preparation for property transactions and redevelopment.

Environmental audits conducted by Excel provide an evaluation of existing and historic areas of environmental concern through a firsthand inspection of the property under investigation, and a comprehensive search of available historical records and regulatory data, as required for due diligent inquiry. Each step is designed to reduce initial capital expenditures by the client, and provide sufficient information for subsequent phases of work, if required.

As needed for more complex property transactions and redevelopment projects with a long environmental compliance history and/or where remediation is not yet complete, Excel provides a comprehensive evaluation of potential risk and future costs with the remediation and redevelopment of the property in mind.