Project Re-direction & Innovative Solutions

Excel is extremely proud of its 100% success rate in re-directing ongoing environmental projects that have gone off track. We have saved clients significant time and money, often aftermultiple consultants before us had failed.

Excel is often asked to conduct third-party reviews becausea client, and/or the client’s legal counsel, thinksa project may not be progressing as rapidly and/or as cost effectively as anticipated.

Typically, the client’s concerns are valid and, for one reason or another, the investigation and/or remediation is deficient. Typically the remediation is either technically ineffective or cost inefficient.

Often, technical issues and costs have spiraled out of control with no end in sight.

Excel’s full-service environmental consulting and engineering services for investigation and remediation are:

  • Solution-oriented
  • Innovative
  • Focused on the needs and objectives of each client

Excel is proud of itsoutstanding track record of solving problems that others have said could not be resolved, and has distinguished itself by thinking “out of the box” to successfully tackle complex environmental problems.

Our private and public sector clients rely upon Excel to consistently solve their environmental problems and we have become a trusted member of many business, municipal, legal, and/or Brownfield redevelopment teams.

Professional services include:

Third Party Review

  • Expert technical, regulatory, and cost efficiency review of ongoing environmental investigation and/or remediation projects using the client’s files, supplemented, as necessary, by review of NJDEP files.
  • Written summary of Excel’s conclusions and recommendations regarding the technical approach, compliance status and cost-effectiveness of work conducted to date, including evaluation of whether the project is on a direct path to achieve closure in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Based upon Excel’s expert conclusions and recommendations, the client may provide feedback to the existing environmental consultation to enhance project performance or conclude that the project warrants re-direction.

Project Re-Direction

  • Using existing data generated by the previous environmental consultant(s), Excel has successfully re-characterized even the most complex geologic/hydrogeologic conditions to maximize the value of existing data and set the stage for re-direction.
  • A determination is made on a case-by-case basis as to whether supplemental field work is warranted to fill critical data gaps and/or address technical or regulatory deficiencies.
  • Cost-benefit analyses are used to evaluate alternatives for achieving objectives based on variations in the technical, regulatory, and strategic approach.
  • Excel coordinates with the NJDEP Case Manager and Case Team to gain approval of the re-directed technical approach and restore NJDEP confidence that the project is back on track and that, working together, the client and Excel have a clear path forward to achieve compliance and closure.

Our unique team of geologists and environmental scientists has extensive hands-on, practical experience in all aspects of environmental compliance.

Types of projects we review:

  • Site Assessments and Investigations of Soil and Groundwater
  • Grant/Loan Assistance/Financial Incentives [grants/loans/cost recovery page]
  • Environmental Engineering and Design
  • Turn-key Site Remediation and Construction Management Services
  • Litigation and Cost Recovery [same as above]