The Military Ocean Terminal Bayonne

Excel Environmental Resources, Inc. (Excel) was retained by the Bayonne Local Redevelopment Authority (BLRA) to be the lead environmental engineer, site construction manager, and environmental consultant for implementation of an $11,000,000 site-wide remediation of the former Military Ocean Terminal – Bayonne (MOTBY) site, a 652-acre former military base that was closed under the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Act.

Working with the BLRA, Excel prepared a comprehensive site-specific RAW and successfully gained the US Army’s confidence that the BLRA could properly conduct the site-wide soil and groundwater remediation as necessary for the City to accept the property contaminated from the US Army.

The RAW was approved by the Army and the NJDEP and Excel supervised and managed the implementation of the RA over a five year period that culminated in NJDEP issuance of the final Entire Site NFA/CNS for soil and groundwater in June 2006 thus enabling the BLRA to proceed full steam ahead with redevelopment activities.

The soil remediation involved excavation and offsite disposal of contaminated soil, capping and closure of a 26-acre landfill, installation of more than 1,800,000 square feet of soil and/or asphalt caps as Engineering Controls, and a successful natural attenuation program for site-wide groundwater quality under a Classification Exception Area (CEA). On behalf of the BLRA, Excel prepared multiple Bid Specifications and RFPs during several rounds of competitive public bidding to select and manage remediation contractors during the multiple phases of the RA implementation.

Excel successfully resolved a wide range of issues that arose during the remediation, worked closely with the BLRA, NJDEP, and the Army to creatively solve problems and build a solid foundation for redevelopment, while successfully completing the project with only minimal out of pocket cost to the BLRA. Excel continued to assist the BLRA during integration of the remediation into the redevelopment planning for the property.

Project Overview

  • On behalf of the BLRA, Excel prepared a comprehensive Remedial Action Workplan (RAW) for the remediation despite the fact that there were only three weeks allocated in the schedule to prepare and submit the document to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) so that the property transfer could be completed within the Army’s required timeframes.
  • Excel completed the RAW on schedule, the Army and the NJDEP approved it, and MOTBY was subsequently transferred to the BLRA, resulting in the first BRAC transfer completed by the Army in the Nation.
  • The MOTBY property transfer is unique because the Army also transferred the responsibility for implementation of the remediation, including capping and closure of a 26-acre Landfill, to the BLRA thus enabling the BLRA to proceed with redevelopment on a parallel track with the remediation.
  • The BLRA selected Excel to provide the environmental consulting, engineering, and construction management for all phases of the $11,000,000 remediation.
  • The BLRA renamed the site “The Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor” as site-wide redevelopment activities were initiated.
  • Excel’s seamless integration of the remediation into the redevelopment planning for this prime waterfront property has helped make MOTBY a true Brownfields success story.
  • Key Components of Excel’s Work Scope
  • Implementation of pre-remedial design Field Investigation to complete delineation of areas where Engineering Controls in the form of soil or asphalt caps would be constructed.
  • Engineering design of the caps, including a permeable soil cap for a 26-acre Landfill, and preparation of a final design package for NJDEP approval, including a Landfill Closure/Post-Closure Care/Financial Plan.
  • Bid Specification preparation and management of the public bidding and contractor procurement process for all five phases of the remediation.
  • Acquisition of Waterfront Development and Freshwater Wetlands GP-4 Permits and preparation of a Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.
  • Preparation and NJDEP negotiation of an innovative Wetlands Mitigation Plan for wetlands disrupted by Engineering Control construction.
  • Onsite Construction Management, including supervision of remediation contractors and coordination of site logistics to ensure remediation activities did not interfere with ongoing tenant activities.
  • Overall Project Management to ensure technical quality and regulatory compliance, strict adherence to the Remediation Schedule, and effective management and control of project costs.
  • Evaluation and interpretation of groundwater and soil analytical data generated during the remediation.
  • Preparation of Quarterly Remedial Action Progress Reports for the Army and NJDEP.
  • Technical consultation to the BLRA and the BLRA’s Redevelopment Project Team for effective integration of the remediation into redevelopment planning.
  • Preparation of Remedial Action Reports for each major phase of the multi-year remediation, including detailed Deed Notice documents.

Primary Environmental Services Provided by Excel

  • RAW Preparation
  • Interaction and Negotiation with the NJDEP
  • Interaction and Negotiation with US Army Representatives
  • Remedial Investigation of Soil and Groundwater Quality
  • Design of Engineering Controls, including Engineered Soil and Asphalt Caps
  • Landfill Closure and Capping Design
  • Preparation of Engineering Bid Specifications
  • Management of the Public Bidding and Contractor Selection Processes
  • Acquisition of Environmental Permits
  • Preparation of an Innovative Wetlands Mitigation Plan
  • Construction Management
  • Remediation Project Management
  • Environmental Engineering Support and Strategic Technical Consulting During Redevelopment Planning
  • Preparation of Project Reports