Brownfields Redevelopment Construction Oversight

Excel knows from experience that successful Brownfield restoration requires environmental expertise as well as a keen understanding of the real estate transaction and redevelopment process. Our unique staff of experts has successfully integrated remediation into redevelopment for residential, commercial, industrial, recreational and open space end uses.

Brownfields are under-utilized and often abandoned properties with potential or actual environmental contamination that are now candidates for redevelopment. These properties are often in areas developers seek, with existing infrastructure and access to major highways and port areas.

Many are also part of areas targeted for redevelopment to increase employment, property values and tax ratables, as well as for creating new business opportunities to fuel continued and sustainable economic growth.

We help municipalities, property owners, private developers and other stakeholders locate candidate Brownfield properties. Our services include:

  • Efficiently characterizing environmental conditions
  • Design and implementation of cost-effective solutions to address contamination
  • Facilitating property transactions
  • Facilitating property transactions
  • Facilitating Public/Private Partnerships
  • Environmental Risk Management
  • Remediation Cost Estimation
  • Return on Equity Evaluations
  • Remedial Action Alternative Evaluations
  • Integration of Remediation into Redevelopment Plans
  • Bid Specifications and Contract Documents
  • Construction Management
  • Assistance with Third-Party Cost Recovery

We help turn redevelopment plans into reality.

Our expertise in Brownfield remediation and redevelopment is evidenced by our accomplishments in returning large, complex contaminated properties to productive use, including: