Expert Services/Litigation Support

Proven Technical, Regulatory and Strategic Claims Support

Excel’s professionals are highly experienced and skilled with third-party cost recovery measures, including technical and strategic support associated with:

  • Insurance claims;
  • New Jersey Spill Fund claims applications and cost recovery,
  • Responsible party litigation support.

We provide expert technical, regulatory, and strategic consultation in support of litigation and have prepared multiple expert reports in support of a wide range of technical and regulatory environmental issues on straightforward and highly complex matters.

We successfully assist our clients and their legal counsel with  interrogatories, responses to interrogatories, depositions, document requests, and other aspects of discovery; mediation, selection of specialized technical experts, strategy development, and preparation for trial testimony.

Excel’s principal, Ms. Lawra Dodge, is a recognized expert in environmental compliance, technical aspects of soil and groundwater investigation, and remedial action, including integration of cleanup into redevelopment construction, and has been acknowledged and accepted as an expert in various districts in New Jersey and New York.  Ms. Dodge has given expert depositional testimony, prepared affidavits, and participated in mediation and settlement negotiations resulting in successful resolution of each case in which she was retained as a technical expert.

Excel’s executive vice president, Mr. Ronald Harwood, has prepared several expert reports that have lead to the successful resolution of various cases and provided trial testimony in support of our client’s cases.

Excel is listed in the ALM Experts Directory.

Success Stories

  • Private Property, Freehold, New Jersey
  • East Lincoln Highway Project