East Lincoln Highway Project

Expert Services Associated with Due Diligence Environmental Investigation Activities for Property Acquisition in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Excel was retained to prepare for and appear at trial as a factual witness in support of litigation between Excel’s client, redeveloper and contract purchaser for a former service station/automotive garage property, and the owner of the property that had been impacted by historic operations.  The scope of work included a detailed review of all historic environmental documents/data and focused on the status and adequacy of the work conducted on the subject property and the impact of the historic discharges to the client’s proposed redevelopment plans for the property.

The client had previously retained Excel to perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment as part of an environmental due diligence review conducted for the subject property.  Based on Excel’s evaluation of the subject property, numerous Areas of Environmental Concern (AOCs) associated with historic operations were identified.  Excel was retained to complete a Phase II Site Investigation to evaluate soil and groundwater quality associated with the AOCs identified on the subject property.  Based on the results of the soil and groundwater quality investigation, the subject property was found to be adversely impacted by historic operations.  As a result of Excel’s investigation findings and appearance as a factual witness, the client successfully reached a settlement with the property owners by clearly concluding that the impacts were a result of historic operations on the subject property that decreased the value of the property, and increased the cost for future redevelopment.

Project Overview

  • EXCEL proceeded on an expedited basis to complete a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Phase II Site Investigation for soil and groundwater.
  • EXCEL conducted third-party oversight of the property owner’s consultant during soil and groundwater investigation and remediation activities.
  • EXCEL assisted the client’s attorney with trial preparation and appeared as a factual witness on behalf of the client.

Primary Environmental Services Provided by EXCEL

  • Performance of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and preparation of a Phase I Report
  • Evaluation of Soil and Groundwater Quality as part of a Phase II Site Investigation
  • Preparation of a Phase II Site Investigation Findings Letter and documentation in support of litigation at the request of the purchaser
  • Remedial Action Alternative Evaluation, Cost Estimation/Cost-Benefit Analyses
  • Expediting of Total Project Schedule to Meet Transaction Deadlines
  • Trial testimony as a factual witness
  • Project Management