Passaic Avenue Brownfield Development Area (BDA), Kearny, New Jersey

On behalf of the Town, Excel prepared a comprehensive BDA application for the Passaic Avenue Redevelopment Area, which was submitted to the NJDEP in March 2009.  In October 2009, NJDEP awarded Kearny designation of the Passaic Avenue Waterfront BDA.
The BDA includes several waterfront properties owned by the City along the Passaic River, including a number of former manufacturing facilities that have impacted soil, groundwater and surface water/sediment, which is interfering with the Town’s ability to complete a mixed use redevelopment in this area.  Excel has conducted several Steering Committee meeting since designation and is in the process of applying for various grants for PA, SI, RI, and RA on behalf of the Town to facilitate remediation and redevelopment of these prime waterfront properties.

River Road Sanitary Sewer Improvement

As part of the installation of new sanitary sewer service in the Town, Excel characterized excavated soil for disposal at a permitted facility.

941 Passaic Ave.

Excel has completed SI activities at this property associated with a former bulk fuel facility and restaurant as part of a pending HDSRF grant for the City.  With Excel’s assistance, the City looks to complete RI and remediation activities at the property through the HDSRF program in hopes of acquiring the property as part of its recreation/open space program.

50 Belgrove Drive

Excel completed a SI/RI utilizing grants under the HDSRF program to successfully comply with NJDEP requirements to enable redevelopment of the property as a Police Substation.  The Police Substation was completed two years ago and Excel has completed the post-remediation groundwater monitoring required by NJDEP to close the case.

Magullian Fuel Oil Company

Excel has applied for an HDSRF Grant to complete a PA/SI/RI for the Town in order to follow through on a commitment to redevelop this property into an Open Space/Recreation end use for public use.  In doing so, the Town would be eligible for reimbursement of 75% of the RA costs to address the environmental concerns found during the investigative phases of the project.  Excel Opted into the Licensed Site Remediation Profession program and completed the soil and groundwater investigation and remediation.  A site-wide Response Action Outcome was prepared and submitted in December 2011 to close case and also fulfill the Green Acres requirements to provide funding for this park project.

Former Bat Factory

Excel is in the process of preparing an HDSRF Grant application to resume investigative activities that have ceased by the property owner/RP.  The Town has also committed to redevelop this property into Open Space/Recreation and take advantage of the grant to reimburse up to 75% for RA dollars.