Excel Assisting the Office for Planning Advocacy with Deal Flow Forum at Upcoming Conference

The Office for Planning Advocacy within the New Jersey Department of State’s Business Action Center (BAC) wants to assist you in your efforts to redevelop contaminated sites in your community.  Under the Lieutenant Governor’s leadership, the Office for Planning Advocacy (OPA), works with stakeholders, including local and county local governments to guide development in a sensible, cost-effective manner.  One of OPA’s main goals is to encourage development of unused, underutilized or contaminated sites where infrastructure already exists and create opportunities for responsible economic growth.

Our office has worked with your municipality/County in the past and knows that you understand the value of good planning, remediation and redevelopment of Brownfields properties.  OPA will be participating in the October 7-9 2014, RTM Communications Inc. conference on Sustainable Property Transactions: Closing Deals and Capturing Market Opportunities in Philadelphia with NALGEP (National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals) as a collaborator and sponsor.  This conference will include a “Deal Flow Forum” where OPA will be able to showcase and market high value Brownfields redevelopment opportunities to a national audience of developers, land use attorneys, real estate/ and financial professionals that understand the nuances of Brownfields redevelopment and financing.

OPA is compiling a list of sites to market and map as potential areas for siting responsible Brownfields redevelopment and economic growth opportunities throughout the State and want to include yours.  Please provide us with your property specific marketing materials.  At previous conferences, we received marketing brochures, one page facts sheets and posters.  Below is an example of a one page marketing piece that was used at the last EPA Brownfields    conference. Please submit your marketing materials to our office no later than COB Friday, September 19, 2014.

If you have any questions, please contact Barry Ableman to discuss the particulars of what you plan to submit.  If you would like to share any marketing pieces or lists of sites that you want redeveloped, please forward that information to:

Barry Ableman
Office for Planning Advocacy
NJ Business Action Center
225 W. State St., 3rd Floor, P.O. Box 820
Trenton, NJ 08625-0820

We encourage you to attend the conference. To learn more about the RTM/NALGEP conference on brownfields and sustainability go to:



All questions and submissions should be directed to Barry Ableman at the postal or email address above or by phone at (609) 292-3228.

Thank you for your interest in redevelopment in New Jersey.