Excel retained by the City of Hoboken in connection with the 700 Jackson Street Development Project

Excel was retained by the City of Hoboken as their Environmental Consultant and LSRP to provide technical guidance in connection with the 700 Jackson Street Development Project, in cooperation with Bijou Properties and Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation.  The developer retained various environmental consultants to perform investigation and remediation activities and Excel worked closely with the City and the City’s legal team, Maraziti Falcon, to protect the City’s interests and ensure that the final Remedial Action remedy was consistent with the proposed redevelopment.  Excel assisted the City with the following specific services:

  • Review technical documents, reports and environmental sample data;
  • Advise the City’s legal and redevelopment team with regard to Bijou’s technical approach, regulatory compliance, and remedial action feasibility and effectiveness;
  • Provide recommendations and suggestions for alternative investigation and remedial action strategies as necessary to more efficiently determine the extent of the environmental impacts and remediate the contaminants of concern;
  • Propose and/or confirm that the remedial strategies are appropriate to the property’s end use and ensure that the selected remedy is protective of human health and the environment;
  • Predict and project timeframes for proposed investigation and remediation, including associated costs and any ongoing fees/certifications, depending on the chosen remediation strategy, in order for the City to plan and anticipate issues connected with acquisition and/or redevelopment; and
  • Compile all individual technical memos and recommendations for the various development parcels into a comprehensive technical report to the City’s legal and redevelopment team.

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